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Gourmet Foods: Specialty Imports
Whole Black Summer Truffles

Whole Black Summer Truffles ($34.00)
Whole Black Summer Truffles...prized by mushroom lovers! The unusual flavor of black summer truffles is pervasive...a subtle taste & sweet, "chocolatey," musty odor, prized by connoisseurs. Whole black summer truffles are the best known underground fungi due to their reputation for excellence in man... More Info
Sliced Black Summer Truffles

Sliced Black Summer Truffles ($42.95)
Sliced Black Summer Truffles...a unique, rare & delicious funghi. The flavors of black summer truffles are complex. Sliced black summer truffles work best in delicately flavored dishes & should be used sparingly! Sliced black summer truffles are delicious in soups & sauces. Saute sliced black summer... More Info
Figs & Balsamic Vinegar Compote From Mussini

Figs & Balsamic Vinegar Compote From Mussini ($12.95)
Seriously Italian...figs & balsamic compote. Tender figs dried naturally in the intense heat of the sun, concentrating the natural flavors & intensifying the honey sweet flavor of the Italian figs. Try figs & balsamic compote warmed or chilled, spooned over ice cream, pound cake or panna cotta. Spoo... More Info

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