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Gourmet Foods: Pepper Jellies
Sweet Onion Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

Sweet Onion Jalapeno Pepper Jelly ($7.99)
Sweet Onion Jalapeno Pepper Jelly - split with personality, the tangy, sweet flavor with a hint of heat is a delicious glaze for pork or shrimp... spread pepper jelly with cream cheese on bagels or crackers, or make a pepper jelly cheesecake. Aloha from Oregon sweet onion jalapeno pepper jelly: the ... More Info
Cranberry Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

Cranberry Jalapeno Pepper Jelly ($7.99)
Christmas Pepper Jelly- two delicious flavors in one jar, cranberry pepper jelly & jalapeno pepper jelly, two of Aloha from Oregon's most popular flavors. Simply unusual & delicious pepper jelly! Aloha from Oregon has a creative holiday hor's d'oveuvres suggestion... Create a cream cheese Christmas ... More Info
Plum Ginger Thai Pepper Jelly

Plum Ginger Thai Pepper Jelly ($7.99)
Plum-Ginger Thai Pepper Jelly-One taste in not enough! Bursting with flavor, this Plum Ginger Thai Pepper Jelly is a beautiful jelly & has the perfect balance of plum, ginger & heat. Your pork, chicken, shrimp or crab cakes have never tasted so good! More Info
Pomegranate Pepper Jelly

Pomegranate Pepper Jelly ($7.99)
Pomegranate Pepper Jelly is an incredible new flavor! Rose amber in color, & full of fresh pomegranate, this pepper jelly is bursting with flavor. Use this pomegranate pepper jelly as a glaze, serve over cream cheese, or warmed brie with crackers, or simply make your favorite peanut butter & jelly ... More Info
Apricot-Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

Apricot-Jalapeno Pepper Jelly ($7.99)
Apricot Jalapeno Pepper Jelly - Apricot jalapeno pepper jelly adds sparkle to everyday foods. A golden sweet, tart pepper jelly with bits of apricot, red bell & jalapeno pepper. Not just for your morning toast or bagels with cream cheese,apricot pepper jelly makes a delicious glaze for pork , poultr... More Info

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