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Recipes, Lore & MoreRecipes, Lore & More
Pastas & Sauces: Pastas
Bucatini Pasta ( Naples )

Bucatini Pasta ( Naples ) ($7.95)
Bucatini Pasta...a long thick spaghetti with a hole running the length of the strand. Bucatini... a delicious artisan pasta with selected grains & long air-drying time. Use Bucatini with any pasta sauce. The classic & ancient factory of the Di Nola family in Gragnano, Naples still use traditional ha... More Info
Pici Pasta ( Tuscany )

Pici Pasta ( Tuscany ) ($10.95)
Pici Pasta...a simple, rustic Tuscan pasta. Pici pasta is produced by La Dolcezze di Nanni in Siena, Tuscany. Pici pasta, a thick, hand rolled pasta made only from durum wheat flour & water. In making Pici pasta the dough is rolled out in thick flat sheets, & then cut into strips. Pici pasta...a hum... More Info
Calamaretti Pasta / Squid Circles (Naples)

Calamaretti Pasta / Squid Circles (Naples) ($7.95)
Calamaretti pasta...a crowd pleaser!!!Calamaretti pasta, called "squid circles," is shaped like rings of squid, & makes a delicious, rather delicate pasta. Calamaretti pasta is hand-made simply of durum wheat & water from pasta makers since 1555 in the small "pasta town", Gragnano, Italy. Calamarett... More Info
Croxetti / Coin Pasta (Liguria)

Croxetti / Coin Pasta (Liguria) ($8.99)
Croxetti Coin Pasta is a Ligurian specialty with a dumpling-like quality. Croxetti coin pasta...hand stamped artisan pasta, on one side of this three dimensional coin pasta is the coat of arms where the pasta is made near Genova, the other side features a stalk of wheat. The dumpling-like quality m... More Info
Rainbow Bow Ties Pasta / Farfalle Arcobaleno  (Puglia)

Rainbow Bow Ties Pasta / Farfalle Arcobaleno (Puglia) ($19.95)
Rainbow Bow Ties Pasta / Farfalle Arcobaleno (Rainbow Bow Ties)... These beautiful rainbow bow ties pasta are not just pretty to look at, but also exquisite with any sauce. The color combinations are slightly different with each package. Rainbow bow ties are a customer favorite, we love them in past... More Info
Lanterne/ Lantern Pasta (Puglia)

Lanterne/ Lantern Pasta (Puglia) ($8.99)
Lantern / Lanterne unusual, non-traditional shape. Old world tradition...lantern pasta, an art form created by the Marella factory artisans! Lanterne is a type of pasta with a name that is derived from the Italian word for oil lantern. Lanterne pasta has deep ridges & is curved in a lante... More Info
Lingue di Suocera / Mother-in-Law’s Tongues (Pugli)

Lingue di Suocera / Mother-in-Law’s Tongues (Pugli) ($11.95)
Lingue di Suocera...Lingue di Soucera translates to Mother-in-Law's Tongues, meaning the pasta is long & twisted with a serrated (sharp) edge. Lingue di of the world's most exquisite pastas, as unbelievable twisted pasta with a rainbow array of colors. The multi-colors come from the ve... More Info
Rainbow Linguine Pasta / Linguine Arcobaleno  (Puglia)

Rainbow Linguine Pasta / Linguine Arcobaleno (Puglia) ($13.95)
Rainbow Linguine Pasta / Linguine Arcobaleno...this beautiful rainbow linguine is not just pretty to look at, but also exquisite with just a splash of sauce. No need for a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow because the pasta is so good. The rainbow linguine on your plate will be as vibrant as th... More Info
Monnezzaglia - The Leftovers (Puglia)

Monnezzaglia - The Leftovers (Puglia) ($14.95)
Monnezzaglia Pasta (The Leftovers) - This humorous mix is from the leftovers of the pasta production, with a multitude of pasta shapes & colors derived from natural ingredients. The leftovers mixed pasta shapes will cook up evenly. Boiling time approximately 12 minutes. More Info
Orecchiette - Little Ears (Puglia)

Orecchiette - Little Ears (Puglia) ($10.95)
Oreccheiette (Little Ears) - A traditional Pugliese pasta that is made manually by wrapping a pasta disk around the tip of the thumb, & letting it dry. Little ears,a small but tasty pasta! Suggested use: Excellent for cold pasta salads. Recipe: Smoke Salmon Pasta Salad More Info

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