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Sea Salts From Around The World: Italian Sea Salts
Vignalta Sale Alle Erbe delle Marlunghe (Herbed Sea Salt)

Vignalta Sale Alle Erbe delle Marlunghe (Herbed Sea Salt) ($9.98)
Vignalta herb seasoned sea salt -- there is absolutely no substitute, Vignalta sea salt is a truly extraordinary flavor enhancer! Herbed Sea Salt...Vignalta herbed sea salt is the perfect blend of Sicilian sea salt, fresh rosemary, sage, & garlic grown on the Marlunghe estate in the Venuto region of... More Info
Truffle & Salt

Truffle & Salt ($26.00)
Truffle & Salt... Truffle & Salt is a blend of luxurious fresh ground black summer truffles & sea salt. Truffle & Salt is simply irresistible. The earthy character of black truffle & sea salt create an aromatic condiment. From Abruzzi, Italy, this superbly flavored truffle & salt is adored by chef... More Info
Saffron & Salt

Saffron & Salt ($22.00)
Saffron & Salt...Saffron & Salt with vibrant red strands of saffron is blended with sea salt in yet another condiment reflecting one of Abruzzo's great food traditions. Saffron & Salt is regionally inspired. Saffron was central to the economy of Abruzzo during the Medieval period, & the re-planting... More Info
Porcini & Salt

Porcini & Salt ($22.00)
Porcini & Salt...Porcini & Salt is a blend of sea salt, sun-dried Porcini mushrooms, onion, garlic, & herbs. Porcini & Salt is a great compliment to risotto, pasta, grilled meats, & roasted vegetables. Porcini & Salt is a natural rub & will enhance the flavor of pork, poultry, & veal. This artisan s... More Info
Fennel & Salt

Fennel & Salt ($21.00)
Fennel & Salt is making history once again! Fennel & Salt featured in the N.Y. Times in an article by Florence Fabricant..."I have little use for flavored salts, but there are exceptions." The boldly flavored Fennel & Salt was inspired by Chef Don Curtiss of Volterra Restaurant, & his travels throug... More Info

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