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Vignalta Sale Alle Erbe delle Marlunghe (Herbed Sea Salt)

Vignalta Sale Alle Erbe delle Marlunghe (Herbed Sea Salt)

Vignalta Sale Alle Erbe delle Marlunghe (Herbed Sea Salt)


Vignalta herb seasoned sea salt -- there is absolutely no substitute, Vignalta sea salt is a truly extraordinary flavor enhancer! Herbed Sea Salt...Vignalta herbed sea salt is the perfect blend of Sicilian sea salt, fresh rosemary, sage, & garlic grown on the Marlunghe estate in the Venuto region of Italy. The combination of sea salt, rosemary, sage & garlic combine to create herbed magic in a jar! In Vignalta herbed / herb seasoned sea salt, the herbs are blended fresh rather than dried, preserving the aromatic quality of the wild grown herbs. There is fresh black pepper added.

Use Vignalta herbed sea salt just as you would regular salt in cooking. Vignalta herbed sea salt is pungent, yet subtle, the perfect sea salt for any type of grilled, broiled, boiled roasted meats, fish or poultry. Vignalta herbed sea salt is perfect on potatoes, eggs, sprinkled on pasta dishes, salads, in soups, sauces,& stews.

Vignalta herbed sea salt lends true Mediterranean character to your cooking. Once you have tried this herbed seasoned sea salt you will want to share your discovery with friends & family.

Vignalta...the best herb seasoned cooking salt! Vignalta herbed sea salt, "the perfect pinch"...please use this herbed sea salt sparingly! Vignalta herbed / herb seasoned sea salt...quite simply a must have, pantry staple!

With the implementation of All Ground Shipments now being billed at Dimensional Weight, the residential delivery surcharge, & the fuel surcharge, for those of you ordering just 1 jar of Vignalta herbed sea salt, it is more economical to ship two or three. Example, generally speaking, 2 jars of Vignalta Herbed Sea Salt actually weigh approximately 3 lbs., however with the implementation of DIM Weight the 3 lbs. is billed on average at 7 lbs. There are also variables from zone to zone and with certain zip codes extended delivery area surcharges may apply. It is almost impossible for me to adjust my shipping rates accordingly.

Under Product Details below you will see the most current best before date for our Vignalta Salt.

Product Details:
  • Sea Salts of The World.
  • Size: 10.58 oz
  • Vignalta Sale Alle Herbe delle Marlunghe/Vignalta Herbed / Herb Seasoned Sea Salt.
  • Our Vignalta Herbed Sea Salt is always fresh...a new air shipment of the Vignalta Herb Seasoned Sea Salt has just arrived & has a best before date of September 9th, 2022.

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