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Original SoJoe Rotisserie

Original SoJoe Rotisserie

Original SoJoe Rotisserie


Original SoJoe Rotisserie: From the most stylish & functional fire pits in the world to rotisserie cooking. Give your grilling a whole new spin with the SoJoe rotisserie & get all the roasted flavor of the rotisserie. Meats are generally juicier, self-basted, slow-roasted, & you need a lot less heat for the rotisserie!
Product Details:
  • Original SoJoe Rotisserie.
  • Portable battery operated Rotisserie.
  • Battery Operated Motor (Runs 20 hours on 2 D cell batteries).
  • Two 26" Vertical Support Poles with Mounting Brackets (No tools necessary).
  • One 36" Polished Steel Cross Bar with Grizzly Spit-Forks.
  • Canvas Storage Bag.

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