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Fennel & Salt

Fennel & Salt

Fennel & Salt


Fennel & Salt is making history once again! Fennel & Salt featured in the N.Y. Times in an article by Florence Fabricant..."I have little use for flavored salts, but there are exceptions." The boldly flavored Fennel & Salt was inspired by Chef Don Curtiss of Volterra Restaurant, & his travels through Italy. Fennel & Salt is a great all purpose seasoning salt. Fennel & Salt is made with freshly toasted, organic fennel seed, organic orange peel, & other traditional flavors of the Italian peninsula.

Travel via your taste buds to Italy by serving this fennel & salt with extra virgin olive oil & fresh bread, or with meat & seafood dishes, potatoes, & eggs. Use fennel & salt as a garnish for pumpkin soup, in salad dressings, or over steamed vegetables.

Product Details:
  • Casina Rossa Fennel & Salt.
  • Size:3.5 oz.

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