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Millenium Spanish Olive Oil 1000 Tardors

Millenium Spanish Olive Oil 1000 Tardors

Millenium Spanish Olive Oil 1000 Tardors


1000 Tardors..."Liquid Gold" Spanish extra virgin olive oil from 1000 year old trees! Monumental Spanish olive trees, producing a unique experience... to taste olive oil from 1000 year old trees whose cultivation is "living history", is a true gastronomic luxury. 1000 Tardors Millenium Spanish Olive Oil...simply a delight to the senses.

Millenium Olive Oil 1000 Tardors, a single varietal Spanish olive oil, is produced from the small Farga olive. 1000 Tardors olive oil is complex...smooth, very intense & balanced. Medium-high unripe fruitiness with medium intensity of sweet, bitterness & spiciness, a result of the fresh olives. It is very aromatic, with touches of young green olive & almond scents as well as hints of other fruits & vegetables.

1000 Tardors Millenium Spanish Olive Oil...a very limited production process! Acromont wanted to embody the entire human process, but above all the process through time. As a result of this process, today we can enjoy with all of our senses, the wisdom of time. It is by definition THE ESSENCE OF TIME which autumn (Tardors) after autumn, has given forth its fruit in the form of the small Farga Olives! Millenium Olive Oil...Enjoy!!!

Product Details:
  • Millenium Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1000 Tardors.
  • Size: 500ml.
  • Region: Northern Castellon, Spain.
  • Olive Varietal: Farga Olives.
  • Trees: 4,157 1000 year old trees.
  • Producer: Acomont.

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